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Before taking over the family farm, Joe was a public school teacher. While working in a state designated "low-performing" school, he saw first hand how increased intervention from government had little effect on student achievement. While consulting with local schools, he has helped districts provide paths to success for students, when given the freedom and resources needed. 

"I know our already strong schools need the freedom and funding necessary to make the instructional and non-curricular decisions that are best for OUR kids." 

Joe understands that our local, often smaller, schools cannot compete with larger districts on the same funding model. There are services and opportunities that simply cannot exist in many local community schools. Joe believes in fighting for teachers and students in these districts to make their needs heard in Indianapolis.  


Local Voice

Joe has seen a few folks come and go in District 63. He has no desire to run for another office. Joe loves his "day jobs," but he also loves the region. Joe hopes to take his conversations in the district to Indianapolis, not Washington.

"I AM pro-life; I AM pro-second amendment; however, these are Washington DC arguments. I want to talk about what access to and education on reproductive healthcare looks like in OUR region. I want to talk about what gun safety and ownership looks like in OUR region. These are among the issues that our rep can do something about." 

Joe lives in his forever home. Joe believes in the great strengths of our region, and he wants to hear about the great needs in our region, from YOU!

Regional Perspective

Our district encompasses much diversity. We employ line workers and engineers; we have renters and property owners, we harbor factories and a military base. We must work together as Daviess, Dubois, Martin, and Pike counties to meet the needs and demands of all of our people and industry. Joe believes that our jobs must be rewarding and our workforce must be employable. 

"I am proud of the work I am doing with Regional Opportunities Initiative, Inc. In order to help our towns and communities flourish, we must take a regional stance. We have to produce strong graduates, and retain our best talent. To do this, our district needs to be an inviting place to live, learn, work, and play."

Joe is excited to hear your satisfactions, frustrations, hopes, and dreams for our region!